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Lawn Service Website, Responsive with booking and custom forms

This Website was designed for a Lawn Service with custom forms and a lite booking system. The client of this site wanted focus on a single booking form. Heavy conditional formatting was used on this site.
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Custom Form Lawn Service Website

I finally got a customer that liked one of the little cartoon character logos!! Excuse my excitement, but I really love those little guys. So, If you havent guessed it already I designed the custom logo for this website. Made possible by Envato. Envato Elements™ together with Elementor Pro may have literally locked the game down. Together, they make it extremely easy to get a functioning site up and running in no time. Leaving much more time for customization, the biggest time consumer, unsure clients. Lets take a look at this site and some of its features.


Lawn Service Website home page

The Home Page

The home page of this site features a large slider with a vibrant photo of a gentleman tending to a well manicured and rich garden area. The slight green overlay added some accent to the area and brings the viewers attention to the tagline and stats right away. Just in case the viewer wants to imediately book, we have the booking button right in the header, which brings up a popup booking form. Allowing the user to return exactly to where they were in case they forgot some thing or wanted to check something real quick, and then get right back into booking, or requesting a quote. Booking forms from this site are linked to the owners Google™ Calendar

You could run your entire site from custom forms.

Lawn Service Website Custom Quote FormIf you’ve seen any of my other sites, you know how much I LOVE custom forms. The screenshot here doesn’t do the one I made for this site justice. I will have to get an updated pic as soon as I can. This is a multi stepped form with conditional formatting. The conditional formatting allows this owner to use this single form for all the bookings on his website. He preferred it that way for organizational purposes. I on the other hand like to make many forms. More for analytics and marketing pursposes of my own.

Everybody loves cool tiles

Although I didn’t get to make any cool product tiles for this site. I was able to include some pretty cool team tiles. I look forward to the next time I get to use them. They had a lot of options and integrated social media buttons. This whole template in general is a pretty good one. I’d give 4.5 stars. Envato tends to not disappoint most of the time, lol.

Lawn Service Website Team

The only unfortunate thing about this build is the client pulled out mid way through. Oh well, this is why you should always charge a deposit. Its ok though. Another thing that I love with Envato and Elementor Pro, I can just download the whole site into a kit for later use. With Envato Elements and Elementor Pro, my versatility has sky rocketed and my clients are definitely happy.


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You can find a complete list of services I offer on my Services page(if I’ve completed it yet, lol)As always, I welcome all comments, criticisms and critiques. Also please share on social media. I’d greatly appreciate it feel free to checkout Springboard™: by Load Toad Networks™. It’s another site I’m collaborating on. Once its complete, there will be a member area that will offer other designers an area to showcase their work, and resources for business owners to design their own sites.