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Pressure Washing Service Website — Update

This Website was designed for a Pressure Washing business and features highly customized forms. A standard customized booking system was also included.
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So, I just wanted to drop a quick update. This website had been completed. There are some minor design changes, and the owner isn’t ready to utilize the custom booking options yet. So, that feature has been disabled, though its still there, as you will see in the video preview that I have included. I have also updated the URL so you can view the site on your own. I left the original screenshots below for some comparison, but I’ve posted the updated ones to the gallery of this post.

If you like this design, you should stay current on the Women’s Interntational Basketball League’s Project that we’re collaborating on. You can read about that project here. As always, I’d like to thank Elementor Pro for being so freaking awesome!! I’d also like to give a huge shout out and thanks to Envato for being such a great source for WordPress content. If any of you are WordPress beginners, I highly recommend clicking on their links above to check out what you’ve been missing. Oh, I’ve also updated the screen shots. Thanks again for stopping by.


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I enjoyed this website because it also included some logo work. Initially, I didn’t have the customers logos, nor did I know the exact color scheme. This will normally not prevent me from beginning a project. My aim is always to get the customers site up and running as soon as possible. If I waited for content or color suggestions from my clients for every project, I’d never complete a project in under a week.

At any rate, after designing a quick logo and going with a color scheme, I got to work. I started with the routine frame work. Home, About, Services, Contact, etc. Normally, I try to stay within the bounds of that general framework, as most sites can do everything the customer needs with those pages.

This particualr client however needed a little more than that to best serve customers. I felt anyway. So, in addition the base frame work, I broke out each individual service to its own page. This will allow the client to describe in detail each service. Given the type of business, there’s room for a lot of ambiguity when a customer is trying to decide.

Pressure Washing Website Home Page Slider

There’s no such thing as too much customization.

The custom form package integrated into this customers site is very robust. He can create forms to sell any type of product, schedule any appointment or event, or even for custom login and registration screens. Most companies and other freelancers charge extra for this service, but custom forms and booking are both always standard in any website I design.

There may be a couple of times when I have not used on or the other, but never both. Even then, it was only by customer request as they had a preferred solution for the websites forms.

Both the forms and the booking system are setup for a future project planned with this client. We will setting up his CRM option and integrating with his forms booking, and social media.. When completed, the user will be able to manage almost everything from the CRM platform.

You could run your entire site from custom forms.

Pressure Washing Website Custom FormGiven the nature of business of this client, my focus was more on customized form options to serve his customers. While the custom booking systems is in place. The major work will be on the forms designed to service customers.

“Cookie Cutter” services and events offered by this client will be handled by the booking system, while highly customized services and events will be handled by the designing custom forms to encompass these customizations.

The owner will then create the booking based off the customers questionaire and/or options chosen on that particular booking page or pop up. From there, everything functions like any other appointment.

Everybody loves cool tiles

I’d have to say that my favorite part of this site are the six service tiles that describe some of the main services offered. I don’t know why, but I relly like looking at them. I blame these tiles for the 10+ extra pages I added to this site. Initially, they all pointed to a single service page.

Pressure Washing Website Services BlocksAfter looking at that single service page over and over though, I couldn’t help but to build the pages out. This would save the owner time in adding the pages and descriptions himself, thus maximizing the client experience. At least in my mind.The pages are there, all the owner has to do is type in the description. I do offer content management as an “a la carte” feature to my clients, or as part of the few tiers of Website Adminostration I offer.

You can find a complete list of services I offer on my Services page(if I’ve completed it yet, lol). As always, I welcome all comments, criticisms and critiques. Also please share on social media. I’d greatly appreciate it feel free to checkout Springboard™: by Load Toad Networks™.

It’s another site I’m collaborating on. Once its complete, there will be a member area that will offer other designers an area to showcase their work, and resources for business owners to design their own sites.



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